A critique of william j bennett s against gay marriage

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A Critique Against William Bennett’s Against Gay Marriage

It mirrors the accumulated wisdom of millennia and the teaching of every major religion. To say that same-sex unions are not comparable to heterosexual marriages is not an argument for intolerance, bigotry or lack of compassion although I am fully aware that it will be considered so by some.

Fifty teenagers and dozens of school counselors and parents from the local area were interviewed. In the next paragraph, Bennett, wanting to squelch the movement toward redefinition of marriage, cites the rather outlandish example of two brothers: The sex education curriculum of public schools would have to teach that heterosexual and homosexual marriage are equivalent.

That we have to debate this issues at all tells us that the arch has slipped. Newspaper editorials are not conducive to documentation of facts and evidence. His religious views obviously affect his political IEEE, which is morally wrong. During the s, Dr. Marriage is not an arbitrary construct; it is an honorable estate based on the different, complementary nature of men and women and how they refine, support, encourage and complete one another.

In addition, who else has ever seen such an extreme example? Kids are jumping on it Although Bennett does a good job getting his message across, his argument is based on religious beliefs that have no place in a political discussion, is full of logical fallacies, and eludes to unnecessary stereotypes and biased assumptions, which therefore greatly weaken his overall claim.

Marriage is not a religious institution but an institution that is governed by the state. If it was not for adjusting or changing the tradition of marriage, Bennett would not be a owe the very version to marriage that en is so adamant about today. Homosexual couples will also have equal claim with heterosexual couples in adopting children, forcing us in law at least to deny what we know to be true: The marriage commitment between a man and a woman does not it cannot countenance extramarital outlets.

Although Bennett mess biased at times, he successfully outlines his ideas and how strongly he feels about them through the use of his negative tone, and strong wording. Bennett believes that if we allow gay marriage, that we must also morally allow incest.

He also believes that same sex marriages are less faithful, and are differently constructed, and that they essentially ruin marriage itself. Heather Has Two Mommies would no longer be regarded as an anomaly; it would more likely become a staple of a sex education curriculum.

Broadening its definition to include same-sex marriages would stretch it almost beyond recognition and new attempts to broaden the definition still further would surely follow.

Because the United States is a secular nation, religion should not play any role in a discussion about civil and societal laws. Societal indifference about heterosexuality and homosexuality would cause a lot of confusion.

He creates the illusion that he actually refutes gay marriage by replacing it with a superficial similar yet unequal proposition, which essentially leaves the original problem unanswered. The modern marriage ceremony which Bennett alludes to, with its traditions of fidelity, shared property and equality, is almost entirely a new creation.

This is an intelligent and politically shrewd argument. The couple was bound together as children, and later, the bride was exchanged for money or goods.The gay community’s quest to gain these aforementioned privileges is currently being obstructed by conservative pundits who believe that the love between a man and another man, or a woman and another woman, is not adequate enough to be legally recognized, although heterosexual marriage Is.

A Critique of William J. Bennett’s “Against Gay Marriage” Essay Sample

William J. Bennett, former Secretary of Education. De’Ja Davis 16 September W R8 Ms. Masur A Critique of William J. Bennett’s “Against Gay Marriage” In the article, “Against Gay Marriage,” William J.

Bennett declares that the standard for marriage will be destroyed if gays are able to married. An Exchange on Same-Sex Marriage William Bennett and Andrew Sullivan Let Gays Marry Andrew Sullivan.

A state cannot deem a class of persons a stranger to its laws," declared the Supreme Court last week.

Gay Marriage: Not a Very Good Idea

Gay Marriage: Not a Very Good Idea WILLIAM J. BENNETT There are other arguments to consider against same-sex marriage for example, the signals it would send, and the impact of such signals on the shaping of human sexuality, particularly among the young.

Best-sellers. He has written and edited a total of 16 books, including What. Comparing William Bennett's Leave Marriage Alone and Andrew Sullivan's Let Gays Marry.

A Critique of William J. Bennett’s “Against Gay Marriage” Essay Sample. William J. Bennett, a great spokesman for American conservatives, has powerfully argued as the title indicates in his article “Against Gay Marriage.”.

A critique of william j bennett s against gay marriage
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