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The Indian Supreme Court has taken a strong stand to prevent ragging. Provision for anonymous complaints was considered of utmost important at the time of establishment of the helpline, since the victim after making the complaint remains with or close to the culprits, away from a fully secure environment.

He would be constantly harassed by some gang of the seniors. That, they will pass out bright and will fetch them a secured future.

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The most affected areas are west Bengal. Most authorities have tackled the problem with an iron hand. Even the academics get effected. Controversy[ edit ] A major concern that was highlighted against the helpline was that it registered a minuscule percentage 0.

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Introduction[ edit ] Inception of ragging can be pleasant at first, hence the name Mal Samaya. But, only complaints were registered in this period. But the road to that progress may not be as simple as it seems.

As a result, many students give up their studies and go back home, some lose their mental balance, and some are seriously injured. He would be put on a mock trial. Kularatne Commission to probe the incident.

On an attempt to resist carrying out the activities, they may beat the fresher with baseball bats or slap them. This would ensure that all cases would be formally investigated under criminal justice system, and not by the academic institutions own ad-hoc bodies.

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In the session, approximately 7 ragging deaths have been reported. They create an image of themselves as rowdies. Ina police case was registered against the director, dean and registrar of a reputed college in Delhi for, among other charges, not informing the police and registering F.

Even the institutions where ragging is prevalent could be punished by withdrawing of affiliation or other privileges and debarring from awarding any degree and withholding grants. Ragging has not always been the nightmare it has now become.

But something must surely be done to uproot this evil.The essay henceforth discusses the effects of ragging on students. Ragging was initially understood as a traditional form of welcoming incomers in a school. This activity was fun that was enjoyed by all students.

Ragging Essay RAGGING College life is very important in every body's life because it not only determines the future of a person but also is a time when most students understand the realities of life.

Essay on “The Effects of Ragging” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes. The Effects of Ragging Synopsis: – Ragging is the action of scolding, teasing, criticizing or nagging a person.

Ragging Essay: How to Prevent Ragging? What is Ragging? After passing out high school or higher secondary there is a long discussion in every home about where their child is going to study, their hostel, ultimedescente.com students are lucky enough to get admission wherever they want to.

The word 'Ragging' conjures up visions of horror in the hearts of many a pro spective boarder of college-hostel. So many tales of torture and humiliation have got associated with the practice of. The accurate meaning of the word ‘ragging’ is to ‘tease’, but even the dictionary says it is an archaic meaning.

The main objective of ragging is to ‘break the ice’ between the senior students and the new entrants.

About ragging as an essay
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