An analysis of house speaker john boehners handling of the dhs funding bill

Boehner R-Ohiowho has struggled to govern even as Republicans hold unified control of Congress. Boehner Ready to Let Funding Lapse for Homeland Security The speaker summoned his top lieutenants to a meeting in his office Friday afternoon as Republicans planned to move ahead on the stopgap bill, but there were signs that securing enough Republican votes remained a concern.

The two Democrats voting in favor were Reps. White House press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters Obama would sign a short-term bill, even though he would prefer a lengthier one.

In the halls of the Capitol, it is a fight among conservatives. Also, Gwen, I would like to mention, I think the two bodies just operate differently. For now, Boehner is not taking a firm position either way. Everyone agrees the Department of Homeland Security must be funded.

The stopgap bill would have funded DHS through March The Aderholt amendment further prohibits the use of any fees collected by the U. Customs and Border Protection, said in his opening statement at the White House press briefing. But in the House, the priorities are different, as we said in the story.

Following the census, the GOP made congressional districts that they have control over in various states more Republican, not only more Republican, but more conservative. But that bill has died in the Senate, where Senate Republicans are prioritizing Homeland Security with a bill that does nothing but fund the agency.

If he loses four seats, the Senate is tied. But House Republicans say the immigration issue is priority.

Why Senate and House Republicans are split over a Homeland Security bill

And, in fact, Gwen, it looks like a lot of talk right now means we could be here this weekend working out this problem. Today, Speaker Boehner pointed back to the Republican-led Senate.

Dysfunctional House Fails to Pass Temporary Homeland Security Funding

And my position is — and I think that there are a substantial number of Republicans in the House of Representatives who would agree — that the United States Constitution comes first. That makes any vote difficult. This shutdown split, for Republicans, is a question of priorities.

And it has everything to do with the different political problems for Republicans in the House and the Senate. If they go too far to the right, that is, if Republican senators do try to duplicate what the Republican House members try to do, it will hurt politically.

And the Senate responded within hours, voting overwhelmingly to start debating its no-strings-attached funding bill. We saw Jeh Johnson, the Department of Homeland Security secretary, just now in your piece, but we also know he came out today.

One other note, Gwen.

Republican rebels stand fast against Boehner, amnesty

It is a back and forth with an agency in the middle. How much will they get blamed for such a problem?

Lawmakers to Pass a Stop-Gap Bill to Fund Department of Homeland Security

I think that this is a sign of more things to come. That is certainly something that the Senate is responding to.

Boehner Says House To Vote On Clean DHS Funding

On this, the yeas are 98, the nays are two. Lisa Desjardins watching it all unfold up on Capitol Hill, thank you. They know that a shutdown really is not the right word, that in fact most of Homeland Security will stay operating, and just in fact Homeland Security officers will not get paid immediately.

Boehner has some 20 to 60 conservatives calling for tough, no-compromise stances. At least one member has said he would forgo pay during a DHS shutdownin solidarity with nonessential employees facing the prospect of a furlough.

No Democrats voted for it. Stan Collender is a policy analyst and strategist for Qorvis Communications. In the Senate, Mitch McConnell has a thin majority with 54 seats.

Paul Kane contributed to this story.Speaker Boehner is signaling surrender in the GOP's Homeland Security fight. Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin Asked if Congress would avoid a shutdown of DHS, Boehner repeated that he’s “waiting for the Senate to act.” “The House has passed a bill to fund the department, it’s time for the Senate.

The White House threatened to veto the bill, claiming the Republican-controlled House led by Speaker John Boehner is moving to make the nation less secure. JOHN BOEHNER, Speaker of the House: I’m waiting for the Senate to act. The House has done its job to fund the Department of Homeland Security and to stop the president’s overreach on immigration.

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Congress faces five-day deadline for funding Homeland Security time on a motion to open debate on the House-passed DHS funding bill. to block debate on that bill,” Speaker John Boehner.

An analysis of house speaker john boehners handling of the dhs funding bill
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