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Mays Drive in Atlanta, Georgia, U. Bolton brought the city government together with the board and with Mays created what was known as the Atlanta Compromise Plan.

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During his six-year tenure, he succeeded in strengthening the faculty and facilities to such an extent that the school achieved a Class A rating from the American Benjamin mays essays of Theological Schools.

If a prophet is one who does not seek popular causes to espouse, but rather the causes he thinks are right, Martin Luther qualified on that score.

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During his tenure he presided peacefully over the desgregation of Atlanta Public Schools. Mays was named president of Morehouse College in July ofexactly 19 years after he had begun his teaching career there.

He published nearly articles and nine books. Inhe married Sadie Gray, a teacher and social worker, who died in His wife, Sadie, accompanied him on most of his trips.

King for his leadership in the Montgomery Bus Boycott by conferring upon him the honorary degree of Doctor of Humane Letters.

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Summer work as a Pullman porter—as well as scholarships and loans from the college—helped him pay his way. Carter wrote to Mays on a monthly basis during his presidency asking him about "humans rights, international affairs, and discrimination. He set the standard. During his six-year tenure, he succeeded in strengthening the faculty and facilities to such an extent that the school achieved a Class A rating from the American Association of Theological Schools.

Benjamin E. Mays

Among his earliest memories was that of Benjamin mays essays group of white men with rifles riding up to his home on horseback and demanding that his father remove his cap and bow down to them.

He earned a reputation for being a penny-pincher and Benjamin mays essays tuition fees on time, which earned him the nickname "Buck Bennie;" the student newspaper occasionally ran headlines such as "Buck Bennie Rides Again," during the first couple of years of his Morehouse presidency.

After the sermons, King would run up to Mays and engage with him about the ideas he presented often following him into his office, hours after the sermon ended. According to Frank J. There he rose to national prominence, enjoying great influence on key events in U.

Mays died in Robinson invited Mays because of his efforts to integrate the baseball team in Atlanta. And of course [Mays] was one of the guys, one of the persons really that made things a lot easier for myself and some of the other black ball players.

He met hundreds of national and international leaders and served as a trusted advisor to Presidents KennedyJohnsonand Carter. Mays International Magnet School, in St. After his retirement from Morehouse College inMays served as a consultant for a variety of governmental, educational, civic, and religious organizations, and in he became a member of the Atlanta Board of Education.

He was initially buried at South-View Cemetery, but in May his body was entombed on the campus of Morehouse College along with his wife Sadie. He later held a prominent position on the Atlanta Board of Education.

Martin Luther King labeled Dr. He grew weary of the violence against blacks in Virginia so he sought the guidance of his academic advisors at Virginia Union. President Barack Obamayet failed to be awarded. Mays as his "spiritual mentor" and "intellectual father. Mays became even more directly involved in the civil rights movement in when he agreed to help students from Morehouse and other Atlanta colleges organize peaceful protests throughout the city—an action which, after 18 months, resulted in the integration of the Atlanta public school system.

In Mays became the president of Morehouse College. At that time, it was believed that the only honest occupations for black men were farming and preaching. Mays was among the first generation of people of color to be born into freedom in the southern United States.

Mays was an avid student, however; thanks to early lessons from his elder sister, Susie, by the time he arrived at the one-room Brickhouse School at the age of six, he already knew how to count, read, and write.

Mays also continued his scholarly efforts. Church provided another outlet for his talents.Benjamin Elijah Mays was born on August 1, in Epworth, South Carolina, in the small town of Ninety Six, South Carolina, the youngest of eight children. His mother, Louvenia Carter Mays, and father, Hezekiah Mays, were born into slavery on Virginia and South Carolina plantations, respectively.

Both were freed in their later lives with the. Benjamin Elijah Mays was born on August 1, or in a rural area outside Ninety-Six, South Carolina. He was the youngest of eight children born to Louvenia Carter and Hezekiah Mays, tenant farmers and former slaves.

Benjamin E. Mays is credited as Scholar and educator, minister. In addition to occupying the president's office at Morehouse, Benjamin Mays wrote, taught mathematics, worked for the Office of Education, served as chairman.

Benjamin Elijah Mays, Schoolmaster of the Movement: A Biography [Randal Maurice Jelks] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In this first full-length biography of Benjamin Mays (), Randal Maurice Jelks chronicles the life of the man Martin Luther King Jr.

called his spiritual and intellectual father. Dean of the /5(3). Download a free bio of Benjamin E. Mays at EssaysAdepts! Benjamin E. Mays is an International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP) school.

Benjamin E. Mays is a Saint Paul Promise Neighborhood School The school has one all-day pre-k class and two half day pre-k classes.

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