Develop a personal selling philosophy

Populations were rapidly expanding and so was purchasing power. Develop a relationship strategy. This plan includes strategies that you use to position yourself with the customer before the sales call even begins.

At the same time, they adopted the marketing concept philosophy which placed a focus on customer satisfaction vs. Value personal selling as a contribution to society and an honorable profession 3.

The idea that you should concentrate on referral and repeat business had not yet become the focus as it is today.

Successful sales professionals stay close to the customer and constantly search for new ways to add value. This approach to selling is usually used by marketers who do not see the need to spend very much time on customer need assessment, problem solving, relationship building, or sales follow-up.

The strategic market plan should be a guide for a strategic selling plan. Introduction Not so long ago, salespeople worked in an environment where there was continuously expanding demand.

Persuading presentations — Presentation and Demonstrations used to convert potential customers prospects into existing customers. Today, salespeople have adopted the same principles of marketing that evolved and are shown in Figure 1 below. Building win-win partnerships requires the highest form of consultative selling.

A successful long-term partnership is achieved when the salesperson is able to skillfully apply the four major strategies and thus add value in various ways. Interrelate the basic strategies The relationship, product, and customer strategies all influence development of the presentation strategy.

Another relationship-building method might be developed for use after the sale is closed. The development of a personal selling philosophy involves three things: The age of quality suppliers had not yet arrived.

In HA —we will focus on Persuading Presentations. When developing a customer strategy, the salesperson should develop a broad understanding of buying behaviors, discover individual customer needs, and build a strong prospect base.

Personal selling is the major promotional method used in business. This concept springs from the belief that the firm should dedicate all of its policies, planning, and operation to the satisfaction of the customer.

It is a process of developing customer relationships, discovering customer needs, matching the appropriate products with these needs, and communicating benefits through several types of presentations: Promotion can be further subdivided into advertising, public relations, sales promotion, and personal selling.

Adopt the marketing concept. Personal Selling as an Extension of the Marketing Concept When a business firm moves from a product orientation to consumer orientation, we say that it has adopted the marketing concept. Thus, salespeople had a luxury of selling to one customer and then find another.

Many companies today are using some form of sales automation to enhance partnerships with customers. The salesperson assumes the role of consultant and offers well-considered recommendations. Presentation Strategies are used to set several objectives for each sales call. In other words, used to make the sale.Start studying Chapter 1 Developing a personal selling philosophy.

Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Personal Selling Philosophy involves Appreciating the value of Personal Selling Adopting the Marketing Concept Becoming a problem solver and partner with your customers to help them make better buying decisions Strategic/Consultative Selling Model Evolution of Personal Selling ( to Present) Evolution of Personal Selling.

In order to be a successful salesperson, one should develop a personal selling philosophy.

Personal selling can be referred to as one of the major promotional methods used in business either by the people employed, by the total expenditures, or by the expenses as a percentage of sales. The development of a personal selling philosophy for the information age involves three prescriptions: 1) Adopt marketing concept.

2) Value personal selling.

3) Assume the role of a problem solver or partner in helping customers make buying decisions. A) develop a marketing mix B) develop a personal selling philosophy C) develop a product strategy D) develop a relationship strategy E) develop a presentation strategy Answer: A Difficulty: 2: Moderate Chapter LO: List the steps in the strategic/consultative personal selling model.

Personal Selling Philosophy Develop a marketing concept value personal selling from ADM at University of Ottawa.

Develop a personal selling philosophy
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