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State finalists will be selected from the entries submitted for each competition. With the election of the first Catholic president and the epic changes brought on by the Civil Rights movement, it was a time of change.

How to Write a Summary of an Article? This meant that the American welcome change, and are willing to suffer for it, in order to have a better future Jordan, Who then will speak for the common good? The voter turnout was the largest Harris County had ever experienced.

Barbara received many awards during her high school years, particularly for her talent as an orator. Barbara spent most of her free time with her grandfather Patten, who served as her mentor. With the continued support of her parents and grandfathers, she opened a private law practice in Houston, Texas, in It was here that she truly excelled in oration.

The entire section is 2, words. The theme of the competition is "historical and cultural legacies of Latinos in Texas history. Democratic Convention Keynote Address. Such a feat was an enviable one.

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Moreover, the refusal to attack the Republican just shows the sincere desire of the Democratic Party to achieve national unity in order to have a better future. BeforeJordan managed to pass the Massachusetts and Texas Bar examinations. The second American value is the love for innovation.

Barbara Jordan Barbara Jordan uses many repetitions in her speech e. Her efforts were successful. Equality for all and privileges for none meant that each American are given the opportunity to be heard in a public forum and treated as equal no matter from what backgrounds they came from.

There is no room then for discrimination arising from race, sex and economic condition. Why or why not? She joined the Texas Southern debate team and won many tournaments under the guidance and tutelage of her debate coach, Tom Freeman.

During her tenure, she worked on legislation dealing with the environment, establishing minimum wage standards, and eliminating discrimination in business contracts. In other words, she describes the Democratic Party as a savior of American problems.

They would converse about all kinds of subjects.

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These skills, coupled with her education and intellect, were to become her assets in all her future endeavors. She was drawn to the legal profession during a career day presentation by the prominent African American attorney Edith Sampson. She was encouraged to run for a congressional seat.

She was admitted to Texas Southern University after her graduation from high school. Jordan was elected to the Texas state senate.

Her skill in this area was rewarded inwhen she won first place in the Texas State Ushers Oratorical Contest.

She waged a campaign in At law school, she was one of two African American women in the graduating class of ; they were the only women to be graduated that year. What American values does she associate with the Democratic party?

Both competitions are open to all students in grades attending UIL member high schools. She was offered a law position in the state of Massachusetts, but she declined the offer.

Specific guidelines for entries are provided on the page for each competition as specified below. All students selected as state finalists will also become eligible to apply for TILF scholarships; the TILF program provides dozens of scholarship opportunities each year.View Notes - ENG Barbara Jordan Essay from ENG at University of Maryland.

Barbara Jordans speech on Impeachment President Richard Nixon withheld evidence, lied to Congress and stole important%(2). A woman who has made her name very well known throughout history and American Government is the late Barbara Jordan.

Barbara Charline Jordan, and attorney and American politician, was born on February 21, in Houston, Texas. - Barbara Jordan The book "Barbara Jordan" is about a politician/humanitarian Barbara Jordan.

Barbara Charline Jordan was born on Febuary 21, InBarbara Jordan graduated from Phillis Wheatly High school; from there; she went on to Texas Southern University where she graduated magna cum laude.

On February 21,Barbara Charline Jordan was born to Benjamin Jordan, a warehouse clerk and part-time clergyman, and his wife, Arlyne Patten Jordan, in Houston, Texas. Barbara was raised in a.

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Mary Beth Rogers, Barbara Jordan: American Hero (New York: Bantam Books, ), In a well-developed essay respond to the quote above from the speech Barbara Jordan made at the San Jacinto monument for the celebration of the Texas sesquicentennial.

Watch video · Barbara Jordan was a U.S. congressional representative from Texas and was the first African American congresswoman to come from the Deep South.

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