How to write a general diary in police station in bangladesh

That young man got down following me and seeing that I immediately got inside a narrow alley on the left. Give GD copies to the Duty officer of the police station.

I work as a senior research officer for a non-governmental organisation named Gobeshona O Unnayan Collective and I am also an active worker of the Gonojagoron Moncho, apart from these I have also been writing blogs for a long time on the Liberation War, free thinking, human rights, and other issues.

Each book shall contain pages, duly numbered.

GD Sample (Lost)

Also, include the nature of the incident, how long it has been occurring for and why you think it should be dealt with lawfully. Hindrance can stem from our limitations or external forces. Step 01 — write an application addressing the Officer in Charge OC.

From then on, I got sure that I was being followed because even though their destination was the same, they came by different routes and were following me. Under this circumstances, I would like to request you to please record this issue as a general diary.

Follow the procedures listed below: Sectionof the Criminal Procedure Code 1. Simply write the application in usual format; containing Subject, the Address of the Police Station, a concise and elaborate description of the incident or reason for your GD.

A GD can be lodged by any person. But, for serious offenses, you will have to go to your local police station in person. Provide your signature, name, address and contact number in the end of the GD application. Later I saw that the young man, instead of following me into the alley, was standing in the mouth and soon he was joined by his companion.

Throughout our hectic lifestyle, the hindrance is bound to appear. In the case of escorts over prisoners, an entry shall be made in the diary if the prisoners are fed, what food was given and who were present at the time. Officers shall, therefore, endeavor to render their diaries as complete, but at the same time as concise, as possible.

Section 44 of the Police Act 3. In the case of a person arrested, his name, the number of the case in which arrested, the dates of arrest and receipt in the station lock-up.

February 25, Life is a constant struggle. The complainant is sent with constables X. Laws on GD in Bangladesh: Section 44 Police-officers to keep dairy: From that suspicion, instead of my actual destination, I got off at the Amtola intersection which is located before the Khilgaon rail crossing.

Then, we have to initiate actions. After putting GD number, date, signature and seal the duty officer will keep one copy and return you another. Every information relating to the commission of a cognizable offence if given orally to an officer in charge of a police-station, shall be reduced to writing by him or under his direction, and be read over to the informant; and every such information, whether given in writing or reduced to writing as aforesaid, shall be signed by the person giving it, and the substance thereof shall be entered in a book to be kept by such officer in such form as the Government may prescribe in this behalf.

SectionInformation in Non-Cognizable cases: Step 02 — go to the police station where the incident or matter of interest occurred. SectionSectionInformation in Cognizable cases: Everyday GD entry starts from 8 am and closes after completion of 24 hours.Recently Bangladesh police launches online General Diary (GD) service.

Initially this service is open for only Dhaka metropolitan citizens. Later it will be open by district wise. Finally all citizens of Bangladesh will get this fantastic service. Currently below services Bangladesh Police are giving through online: 1.

Information on Eve Teasing. 2. General Diary is an important document in Indian Police station, which is used to record every major incident (e.g. theft, murder, traffic accidents) happening within the jurisdiction of the police station. Police Station.

How to lodge a general diary (GD) to Bangladesh Police

Dhaka Metropolitan Police, Dhaka. Subject: About accepting a general diary. Dear Sir: I am A; father – B; mother – C; present address –East Goran, Khilgaon, Dhaka ; permanent address – village and post office – Chalisha, police station and district – Pirojpur. In Bangladesh, filing a complaint is known as filing a General Diary (GD).

And, today I’m going to show how to write and file a General Diary to the Bangladesh Police. How to Write a GD to Bangladesh Police. The good news is you can file a GD to the Bangladesh Police online if you are residing in Dhaka. A simple General Diary Drafting Sample for Lost Property. If you have lost any property that is valuable or impotent to you in order to search or recover you need to file a GD in the nearest police station (where it is lost), it must be remembered that you need to file it as soon as it comes to your knowledge, you should mention the reason for being late to file a GD too (in case you are).

Oct 14,  · In the police station, go to the duty officer and tell him that you want to lodge a general diary(GD) and hand over the two copies of the same application to him/her. If the application seems ok to the duty office, he will write a GD no in both copies of the application form, put his signature with seal in both copies of the application.

How to write a general diary in police station in bangladesh
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