I am proud to be an american because essay writer

Our constitution declares that as Americans we have our undeniable rights.

‘Why I am proud to be an American’

Most importantly I am American. And support each other during the bad. Writings were separated into fifth and sixth grade and seventh and eighth grade. See more awesome things Americans have done here. People in our country always reach out to parts of the world less fortunate.

I can do what I want, when I want. Hispanics, African Americans, Native Americans, and even women have all had to fight for their freedom as well.

Ten Reasons That I’m Proud To Be An American.

Yes, this is Teddy Roosevelt fording a river on mooseback. Six works were selected from participating youths in grades Freedom makes us who we are. All are fifth-grade students at Forestview Middle School.

One good example is the earthquake in Haiti earlier this year. I know that here I can do whatever I want to do because America is the freest nation in the world.

We pick our religion and the job that we like best. I am proud that in hard times the United States will provide help and leadership for the rest of the world. Also, how incredible is this picture?

We vote for people we want to lead our country, state and city. We support countries that are in need by providing medicine, food, clothing and shelter.

In conclusion, out of the many reasons to be proud of America, these are most significant to me. These people helped build shelters and provide food for thousands of Haitian people.

Another example is the mine collapse in Chile, NASA developed technology to help the miners escape for free. For example when a country faces problems like with economy or terrorists Americans will help them at our own expense. Freedom of speech, assembly, religion, and the right to bear arms are some big freedoms given to us.

As devastated and terrified as I was at that young age, I took comfort in watching how people who were once divided by different ideas and beliefs lay them to the side and stand together in their suffering.

I have a blog where I can say whatever I want about who I am and what I believe. I remember my mom telling me that growing up in Trinidad all she wanted to do was come to America where she could do anything and be anything. But instead of looking at these difficulties as the end all be all, I believe there are still people that are willing to see the opportunity within them.

Independence, liberty, and equality, American went through big troubles just to gain any of these rights and fought for them with their heads held high.I am proud to be an American because of my freedom, specifically freedom of expression.

I have the freedom and right to speak my mind, make my own decisions, and share my opinions freely. why am i proud to be an american essay help Recent Posts.

Great why i am proud to be an american essays; Steps To Writing A Research Paper In Apa Format Help Writing Thesis Statement Research PaperProud to be an American essay is personal essay writing. Who I Am Essay Words | 5 Pages.

When I look in the mirror I know whom I am, but society makes it difficult to understand who I am, because I was born to immigrants of Nigerian descent, and I am a first generation American, that term is sometimes used so loosely.

You don’t have to be an American to go to school for free here an America but that’s something am proud of. I get to go to school for free, without having my parent to pay. Here are ten reasons why I believe that you should be proud to be an American. 1.

Freedom. We are the land of the free, because of the brave. America is unique because it is a free country. Why I Am Proud To Be An American I have been an American citizen for over thirteen years. I am an American citizen because I grew up in America and have lived in it for my entire life.

I am technically part Russian because my Great Grandparents came to America from Russia. However, generations after that have lived in America.

I am proud to be an american because essay writer
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