Mgmt 368

The course will examine how strategies and policies in areas such as recruitment, selection, training, career development, performance management and international human resource management influence firm performance.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

The course material is both philosophical and practical for executives and informative and practical for citizens. A contextual study of the trade union movement and its development, structure and processes. Independent Study in Management. Current personnel practices, philosophies, and behavioral science research.

Emphasizes the impact of union organization on management practice and effectiveness in both private and public sector organizations. Aimed at entrepreneurs, brand managers, and managers in industries where innovation is a key strategic capability.

This course will develop diagnostic and intervention skills that can be applied to identifying and overcoming problems of morale and productivity in organizations. Advanced Mgmt 368 Resources Management: Examines topics such as human resource planning, selection, development, and compensation.

Business Leadership and Ethics. Stresses critical evaluation of current writing in the field and its integration with prior research. The course examines strategic issues in human resource management.

Special Problems in Management. Organizational Change and Development. Students will develop analytical, interpersonal, and communication skills, with an emphasis placed on experiential learning through case studies, role playing, and simulations.

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This course offers a foundation for understanding and evaluating organizational leadership. Special attention will be given to developing talent management competencies, such as recruiting, coaching, mentoring, career development, and evaluating and measuring the effects of diversity initiatives.

This doctoral seminar will expose students to the theory and research behind new business creation and corporate entrepreneurship and it will prepare students to do rigorous and relevant research in this particular topic. This course addresses how managers and organizations can enhance employee productivity and job satisfaction in a competitive global environment.

Strategic decisions cut across functional lines. Covers topics relating to motivation, individual differences, job attitudes, social influence processes, and group dynamics.

Policies and practices used by organizations to anticipate and resolve these problems are explored and evaluated. Study of the process of acquiring and managing Human Capital, focusing on the organizational behavior, legal, economic, and technical issues concerned with business decisions about acquiring, motivating, and retaining employees; emphasis given to the development, implementation, and assessment of policies and practices consistent with legal, social, human, and environmental dynamics.

A large-scale, real world, 10 week project involving hands-on work addressing issues faced by managers in partnering firms. A recommended elective for business students.

Management (MGMT)

Project is integrated with global content upon return. May be repeated for degree credit. Business History and Practice. Students will gain experience working in, making decisions about, and managing a competitive business.

This doctoral seminar will expose students to the theory and research behind strategic entrepreneurship and prepare them to do rigorous and relevant research in this field of study. Topics emanating from sociological perspectives are emphasized, such as strategic goal formation, environmental scanning, strategic decision making, and strategic implementation.

Individual reading and research. Strategy formulation, strategy implementation, and other Mgmt 368 related Mgmt 368 the long-term success of the firm. Course focuses on assessing the strategies, tactics, dilemmas, processes and solutions associated with developing a new business.

Study designed for students who have one or more of the required courses waived, or for students desiring additional work in an area of particular interest in management. Honors Managing People and Organizations.

Students will explore the possibility of opening their own business with a strong social mission; adopting some sustainable practices to advance their social or environmental causes; advocating for new ways of measuring impact and returns to investment; or simply by becoming responsible consumers, conscious about the consequences of their decision making power.Chapter 9-MGMT STUDY.

PLAY. Total project costs include all of the following except: A. All of these are included in total project costs B. Administration C. Supervision D. Project manager's salary E. Interest. A. All of these are included in total project costs. Start studying Chapter 7-MGMT Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

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Prereq: MGMT or MGMT The nature and economic role of the multinational firm and entrepreneurial ventures, including the impact of legal, political, and cultural variables upon firm performance and managerial activity; case studies illustrate interdependent nature of functional areas of business projected across national boundaries.

MGMT Management Internship. Credits. Approval for enrollment and allowable credits is determined by the department and the Career Development Services in the semester prior to enrollment. Available for pass/fail grading only.

MGMT - Management 2 MGMT Comparative International Management. 3 Credits.

Mgmt 368
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