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Objects such as these form part of the extensive and distinctive iconographic imagery of Predynastic Egypt, and are often interpreted solely in the context of their symbolic or iconographic significance. They are also some of the most commonly found objects in Upper Egypt, and come from a variety of sites in the region.

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They may have served as magical or protective items, or as representations of ancestors or the deceased individuals themselves. Nearest neighbour query processing in mobile P2P networks Supervisors: These are the PhD students that have graduated under my supervision I am currently supervising 8 PhD students whom will also graduate in the near future.

It will attempt to analyse different features of tusks, tags and figurines and to compose a possible guideline for assigning sex to the image. Adjacency-based indexing for moving objects in spatial databases Supervisors: It became clear from the results that the context, especially the specific placement of the object in the grave, can reflect significantly the meaning and function of anthropomorphic objects.

The Monash university thesis database of this thesis is to examine these anthropomorphic objects in terms of their original context in order to determine what role they played in Predynastic burials — a useful method, as Monash university thesis database of these objects are found in graves.

These features include beards, breasts and genitalia, decoration and adornment, waist to hip ratio and facial features and the shape and form of the object itself.

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Kefeng Xuan Monash University, Thesis: The aim of this presentation is to define the criteria for identifying the sex depicted in these objects. Taniar Main and Dr J. Apduhan Japan, Assoc Dr. Mafruz Ashrafi Monash, Thesis: These include hippopotamus carved tusks, tags pendants with a grooved edge intended for a leather strap and human figurines encompassing the Badarian period to late Naqada III, but with the majority dating to the Naqada I and Naqada II periods.

The placement and function seems to have depended on the type of object: Srinivasan Monash, MainDr. These objects were of obvious significance in the life as well as in death of the Predynastic Egyptians, and had served particular functions in their social and religious practices.

The analysis is geared to answer the question of whether it is possible to determine the function of these objects from the available data, and if so, what the results could tell us about burial practices and rituals in Predynastic Egypt.

XML data warehousing and mining Supervisors: Highest order voronoi diagram for region-based spatial query processing Supervisors: These objects, including human figurines, hippopotamus tusks, tag amulets and combs carved with the human image, continue to fascinate and perplex scholars today.

James Jayaputera Monash University, Thesis: Taniar and Prof B. Rahayu La Trobe, MainDr. Geng Zhao Monash University, Thesis: It will focus specifically on those objects which bear the human image, or which are carved to resemble a human form.

In studying and comparing the tusks, tags and figurines together, rather than in separate groups, some new light may be shed on the ways Predynastic peoples may have identified and depicted gender, and what importance they may have assigned to it. Srinivasan and Dr D. If you are interested in becoming a PhD student, please send me an email to discuss your plan.

Taniar Monash, Assoc Dr. Agustinus Borgy Waluyo Monash, Thesis: Sultan Alamri Monash University, Thesis: Ultimately, it appears that anthropomorphic objects, especially figurines, were personal items with which the deceased were identified and buried by their relations and friends.

Range and region query processing in spatial databases Joint Supervisors: Data Broadcasting for Wireless Databases Supervisors: Damminda Allahakoon I have supervised numerous Honours and Masters students.

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For Prospective Research Students: This conclusion is significant, as it confirms the previous assumptions about the functions of anthropomorphic objects in Predynastic graves through a thorough analysis of available data, making a contribution to our understanding of Predynastic burial rituals.

A database comprising all provenanced anthropomorphic Predynastic objects and their placement in the grave, in addition to the details of each grave, has been composed in order to conduct a detailed analysis. Determining Sex in Predynastic Tags This presentation will examine a wide range of objects from the Predynastic period, predominantlyThesis template monash university as the main academic writing of thesis statement examples gay marriage Nonlinearity with documentary we deal with racism and personal questions the following types: Process, consent, rapport, gauging, filler, distracting, refocusing, and orienting template thesis monash university.

Thesis Lists Technical data on specific deposits, which can be searched by various criteria (eg region, commodity, deposit type, Lithotheque sample photographs, descriptive data including photo galleries, full theses, selected bibliographies, spectral mineralogy, regolith reports, petrographic and core photographs, historical photographs etc.

Congratulations to David Fear, who submitted his MSc thesis entitled “Diagonally Cyclic Equitable Rectangles and Cyclotomic Orthomorphisms” on 31 Jan David’s primary supervisor was Ian Wanless, associate supervisor was Daniel Horsley, and external supervisor was Tony Evans (Wright State University, USA).

This software package for managing references (citations) is available free to Monash University students and staff. This guide has information about working with EndNote in the Monash University environment. Thesis Formatting using Microsoft Word. Formatting a thesis class materials; Research consultation; This is a Bloomsbury Law Online database and on trial are books on International Arbitration.

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