Nursing website critique

As you review a site, look for problems with the way it provides its interactive experience: Web designers can get Nursing website critique up in the gestalt, or overview, of their sites without reading and reviewing what they say and show.

Are the researchers adequately controlling for patient acuity level? Itemize the sections of the site and analyze how they organize its material. Some of that code cuts corners to make design ideas work without finding the best ways to program a site. Very large achieved sample: Another possible confounding variable: Some of it slows down page loading times.

Aiken noted the study found nursing experience was not associated with lower mortality rates of patients. In hospitals with higher proportions of nurses educated at the baccalaureate level or higher, surgical patients experienced lower mortality and failure-to-rescue rates. Of course, if you design a site for someone else and the site owner provides its content, you may have limited control over what it actually says, both verbally and visually.

A beautiful, easy-to-navigate site with typographical and grammatical errors in its text should score as low as an ugly, crowded site with brilliant prose and beautiful images. Need to factor out the experience variable.

This highlights the danger of institutions making practice recommendations on the basis of the findings of one, unreplicated study, especially if the study involved has serious biases and flaws in methodology. Descriptive statistics means, SDs, percentages, chi-square, and F tests were used to compare groups of hospitals that varied in terms of their educational composition on hospital characteristics, including nurse experience and nurse staffing, and patient characteristics.

How to Critique a Website

Organize your impressions logically to offer useful input on site functionality. Similarly, surgical patients experiencing serious complications during hospitalization were significantly more likely to survive in hospitals with a higher proportion of nurses with baccalaureate education.

Visual Assessment Once you record your observations of site accessibility, move on to an appraisal of aesthetic criteria. Coding Critique Even simple-looking websites can rely on large volumes of scripting, CSS code and other behind-the-scenes underpinnings.

Test your ability to find something you know should be present -- a Contact page, an About Us page, a profile of the company or individual that owns the site -- and note how straightforward or convoluted the process becomes.

Without real substance, a site becomes an empty shell. To examine whether the proportion of hospital RNs educated at the baccalaureate level or higher is associated with risk-adjusted mortality and failure to rescue deaths in surgical patients with serious complications.

These hospitals often employ higher percentages of BSN and higher degree nurses than smaller outlying hospitals. Vincent Flanders, developer and curator of Web Pages That Suck, coined the term "mystery meat navigation" to denote any menu-and-link system that tries so hard to be clever that it becomes a test, instead of offering assistance.

We also examined whether the educational backgrounds of hospital RNs are a predictor of patient mortality beyond factors such as nurse staffing and experience. Focus not on whether you like the look but on whether it showcases the subject matter, provides an easy-to-read experience and abides by solid design principles.

The authors analyzed outcomes data derived from hospital discharge abstracts that were merged with information on the characteristics of the treating hospitals, including unique data obtained from surveys of hospital nurses.

These findings offer insights into the potential benefits of a more highly educated nurse workforce. Think like an outsider when you review and appraise websites.

Look for hard-on-the-eyes combinations of colors, including light type on light backgrounds, and note the use of pages that reverse out, or place a dark background behind light type. The institutional review board of the University of Pennsylvania approved the study protocol.

The article noted control of acuity level, but no explanation was given for how this was done.Evaluating a Website for Credibility Rebekah Reed Chamberlain College of Nursing NR This paper provides a critique of the website “Healthline”, according to the criteria of Thede and Sewell ().

So your website critique would need an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. The introduction is where you will mention the website you are critiquing and the purpose of the critique.

NURS 415 Nursing of Families Childbearing and Childrearing: Finding and Identifying Research

The body is where you will actually present the whole of the critical analysis in an orderly and methodical fashion. Nursing values are linked with nursing ethics (Arman and Rhensfeldt, p.

). This is closely linked to viewing patients as individuals, and with the concept of caring (Arman and Rhensfeldt, p. ), which is also a central theme of the critiqued article. When looking at your own site, doing an effective website critique requires some imagination.

Take off your marketing manager hat, and put on your customer hat. grammer help for nursing student Hi, I am nursing student, I am really good with science and math and not so much with grammar.

I always use Microsoft review. A systematic approach to reading and critiquing a research article serves as a foundation for translating evidence into practice and policy. Every nurse can acquire this skill. Louise Kaplan is director of the nursing program at Saint Martin’s University in .

Nursing website critique
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