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There they called themselves the United Empire Loyalists. Loyalists were older, better established, and more likely to resist innovation than the Patriots. Choose the idea you love best and impress everyone with your super quality patriotism essay.

In the Second World War, there was a shortage of workers needed to fulfill the cry for Patriot tactics essay supplies. The law significantly abridges essential freedom as it expands powers or authority of federal as well as state government to monitor private act of any American, whether or not suspicious, including monitoring of web surfing and phone calls, access to the records of Internet Service Providers, and even private record of any person involved in legitimate strike or demonstration.

Choose a Quote The easiest way to approach your essay on patriotism is to choose an interesting quote of a famous person and reflect on it — to agree or disagree with the statement.

Extensive and wide discretion of searching has been given to the government providing access to educational, financial, and health records.

A patriot shows their patriotism through their actions, by their choice. Secret courts also known as FISA courts should be allowed to issue warrants to electronically monitor a suspect terrorist.

Can love of country be stronger than love of family? Among these possible changes is that government while checking business records, probing libraries and medical records should ensure that records are directly related to foreign intelligence and investigation.

What role does patriotism play in your life? The Act has been renewed with the intention of making America a safe place, free of all terrorist activities. Influence[ edit ] Many Patriots were active before in groups such as the Sons of Libertyand the most prominent leaders are referred to today by Americans as the Founding Fathers.

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Effective functioning of Armed forces is dependent on successful intelligence information. Significance of Patriot Act The law enforcement agencies and the government are given wide discretionary powers to acquire information not only from suspected people but also from the law-abiding Americans.

It is a feeling of loyalty and allegiance that is the result of knowledge and belief. The fight against terror has to be made not only by using military means but all intelligence gathering as well as law enforcement agencies should coordinate and cooperate with each other to respond and prevent terrorist acts.

So they take you with them. It is considered as the response of U. The critics, however, are of the view that the Patriot Act is not successful in defending nations and does not sustain the vital balance of protecting privacy or individual freedom as provided in the Constitution and information required by the nation to counter terror activities to be performed by the law enforcement agencies and, therefore, efforts are needed to change the Act.

Imagine being detained in a cell.

An Essay on Patriotism by 8th Grader Brandon Fisher

The aim of renewing Act is to support American government in protecting people from enemies, ensuring civil liberties for everyone. Bush On the night of October 23,when members of the Congress were tucked away safely in their their opulent town homes, a delivery came.

November 28, By: Merchants in the port cities with long-standing financial attachments to the British Empire were likely to remain loyal to the system, while few Patriots were so deeply enmeshed in the system.

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The Patriot Act allows detaining non-citizens in America without any charge holding for an indefinite period. Taping of phones and getting access to bank record was needed to check the flow of financial transactions benefitting terrorists. The law focuses on improving the counterterrorism efforts of intelligence and law enforcement agencies of the United States.

Educating A Society, AuthorHouse. December 11, By: Patriot Act The U. It can be concluded, at the end, that although a segment of people and experts view Patriot Act abridging civil rights, the Act provides effective tools to law enforcement agencies in combating domestic as well as foreign violence.

Patriotism is what gave George Washington the courage to fight the super power of the world and take charge of an unstable colony. The issues that led to include this provision are the formation of beliefs about any non-citizen living in America and whose actions could cause a threat to national security.

Men and women have a deep will to work and succeed. They worked to fulfill a call that men could not due to war.

It is argued by the opponents of the act that it delays issuance of search warrants notifications so law enforcement agencies may delay giving appropriate notice for conducting a search.Essay on The U.S.

Patriot Act Introduction. The dreadful and terrifying events of September 11 necessitated and increased government's responsibility to take effective measures for preserving lives of the people and ensuring independence of the society.

An Essay on Patriotism by 8th Grader Brandon Fisher. Jun 18, Brandon Fisher spoke at a Flag Day ceremony that I attended last week in Greenwood County, SC.

I was moved by Brandon’s essay on patriotism and wanted to share it with all of you. -JD. Patriotism. Brandon Fisher. In conclusion, I would say that even though the movie Patriot includes many fictional story in it but the director of this movie did many of the twist in the real history to make it look more interesting to audiences and make story remember.

Patriotism Essay examples - Patriotism When confronted with the question, "How can I help preserve patriotism?", I honestly draw a blank. It is not because I can't help preserve patriotism, it's just something that should come naturally.

The Summary Of The Film The Patriot History Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: The Patriot is a film whose storyline is based on the war between the British army men and the Americans who were backed up by the French soldiers.

It was due to the acquisition of these tactics that they were able to comfortably fight back during the. You just finished Sample Research Paper - "The Patriot Act".Nice work!

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