Sec 10k report

Item 6 — Consolidated Financial Data[ edit ] In this section Financial Data showing consolidated records for the legal entity as well as subsidiary companies.

Item 1A — Risk Factors[ edit ] Here, the company lays anything that could go wrong, likely external effects, possible future failures to meet obligations, and other risks disclosed to adequately warn investors and potential investors.

Part 2[ edit ] Item 5 — Market[ edit ] Gives highs and lows of stock, in a simple statement. Item 4 — Mine Safety Disclosures[ edit ] This section requires some companies to provide information about mine safety violations or other regulatory matters.

Some industries are heavily regulated, have complex labor requirements, which have significant effects on the business. This only includes physical types of property, not intellectual or intangible property. These comparisons provide a reader an overview of the operational issues of what causes such increases or decreases in the business.

Controls and Procedures[ edit ] Item 9B. Item 7A — Quantitative and Qualitative Disclosures about Market Risks[ edit ] Forward Looking Statements[ edit ] Forward-looking statement is the disclaimer that projections as to future performance are not guaranteed, and things could go otherwise.

This is the opinion of the auditor as to the viability of the company. This means the auditor had no hesitations or reservations about the state of the company, and the opinion is without any qualifications unconditional.

Executive Compensation Item Item 2 — Properties[ edit ] This section lays out the significant properties, physical assets, of the company.

Item 1B — Unresolved Staff Comments[ edit ] Requires the company to explain certain comments it has received from the SEC staff on previously filed reports that have not been resolved after an extended period of time. Principal Accounting Fees and Services Item They usually are founders of the company or large mutual fund companies, and because of how much stock they own, they usually have access to the board of directors of the company and hold significant sway over the company.

References to these proceedings could also be disclosed in the Risks section or other parts of the report. Five percent owners must also file Schedule 13d with the SEC.

Look for "unqualified opinion" expressed by auditor.

Part 1[ edit ] Item 1 — Business[ edit ] This describes the business of the company: Other topics in this section may include special operating costs, seasonal factors, or insurance matters. It may also include recent events, competition, regulations, and labor issues.

Item 3 — Legal Proceedings[ edit ] Here, the company discloses any significant pending lawsuit or other legal proceeding. Other Information[ edit ] Item Microsoft SEC Filings Recent quarterly and annual filings are available from this web site in Microsoft Word format.

Expanded and historical information is.

02/02/18 K Annual report which provides a comprehensive overview of the company for the past year Annual Filings 02/10/17 K Annual report which provides a comprehensive overview of the company for the past year Annual Filings 01/29/16 K Annual report which provides a comprehensive overview.

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SEC Filings

A K is a comprehensive summary of a company's performance that needs to be submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on an annual basis. The federal securities laws require public companies to disclose information on an ongoing basis.

For example, domestic companies must submit annual reports on Form K, quarterly reports on Form Q, and current reports on Form 8-K for a number of specified events and must comply with a variety of other disclosure requirements. The annual report.

Walmart provides its filings with the U.S.

Securities and Exchange Commission. Jul 19, K Annual Report of Employee Stock Plans. Jul 19, K Annual Report of Employee Stock Plans. Jul 03, 4 Statement of Changes in Beneficial Ownership.

Sec 10k report
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