The growth of esports

In a nutshell, competitors play video games, while being watched by a live audience. Our experience and alliance working with client partners Comcast and Activision Blizzard and its Overwatch League tell us the marketing opportunities within esports will only continue to accelerate and diversify.

Resistance is futile: eSports is massive ... and growing

Just 28 percent are over which, of course, is a selling point to advertisers looking to reach the next generation of consumers. Y2K and the advent of high-speed internet technology was crucial, but Hilgers can identify three critical factors that changed the game forever.

After all, gamers sit still in a chair for hours on end showing only agility and dexterity in their hands, they argue.

The Explosive Growth of Esports – Trends to Watch in 2018

The numbers are incredible. The game was there to be beaten and that was it -- no long-term investment for either party. Brood War and WarCraft 3.

Figure 3 Average Earnings per Player Unlike every other chart shown so far, this diagram does not show exponential growth. In addition to the countless websites dedicated to all sorts of eSports, a few devoted fans have even started an organization that could potentially become the most important factor in growing eSports in the U.

Esports statistics: The growth of our industry in five charts

Nowadays, over 35 million viewers watch gaming-related content broadcasted over Twitch every month. Zoom in on the contestants, sweating from the intensity of the competition. With thousands of gamers competing and millions watching, the phenomenon has come a long way in a very short period of time.

Esport accomplishments in Overwatch League signed 12 teams for the first-ever global city-based esports league, featuring investments made by some of the most successful owners in the world of sports: But it was when developer Blizzard Entertainment released StarCraft II in that eSports in America really seemed to blossom in to the wildly successful spectator sport it has become today.

But enough of all that! Since Twitch is free and easy to use, professional players, casters, and anyone else who wants to give streaming a try can do so. Esports have attracted major brands to get into sponsorships, and have filled sport stadiums with huge crowds of fans. More than 20 years after the first video game tournaments, top eSports tourneys now draw audiences that rival the biggest traditional sporting events; popular midweek live streams routinely attract more thanonline viewers.

GO events ever, is not representative of the industry—most events are well-executed and, more importantly, well-funded. Nonetheless, this chart shows a problematic tendency in the esports industry. The eSports industry has been experiencing double digit growth for several years and according to the research group Newzoo, it boasts a global community of million enthusiasts.

Other large leagues and tournaments have begun popping up stateside as well. Then comes the incredulous reveal:Feb 21,  · The esports industry may hit a serious growth spurt this year, according to new data from Newzoo.

The explosive growth of eSports

In its annual report, the marketing researcher is predicting revenues to hit $ million, a staggering 38% increase from ’s $ million. Brand investment is expected to make a significant impact with an increase of 48% year-over.

Jul 25,  · The eSports community in general has also played an extremely significant role in the growth of professional gaming in the U.S.

The Rise of eSports in America

In addition to the countless websites dedicated to all sorts of eSports, a few devoted fans have even started an organization that could potentially become the most important factor in growing eSports in the U.S.

In ESPN The Magazine's eSports issue, FiveThirtyEight's Ben Casselman breaks down the expansive eSports industry -- from total participants to top earners. Jul 11,  · The eSports industry has grown at a tremendous pace over the past few years.

Per a report from Newzoo, total eSports revenue jumped from $ million in to $ million inand we estimate that total. Newzoo's Global Esports Market Report shows that esports revenues will reach $M in and grow to $Bn by as brand investment doubles.

More than previous years, the page report focuses on individual regions in line with the exponential growth of local esports initiatives, which are crucial to the growth of the. The massive growth of esports has not only caught the eyes of brands and team owners.

The dizzying pace at which celebrities and pro athletes are investing in esports teams, leagues, tech companies, etc. will be an intriguing.

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The growth of esports
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