Where the red fern grows analysis

He wonders if she is sick from the battle, but it turns out she is heartsick over losing Old Dan. As the story continues, he begins training the dogs.

He decides to name them Old Dan and Little Ann. After the hunting competition, things settle down a bit. He wants a dogand his parents offer to get him a collie from a neighbor.

He wants a pair of coonhounds, but they are not affordable for his family. Leading up to this, Little Ann wins a best-looking dog contest. Another night, he climbs a tree. His father relieves him of his chores, and Billy gives him the money from his coonskins.

He is determined to cut it down, because he told his dogs that if they could tree a coon he would take care of the rest. When they manage to find them, the grandfather hurts his ankle.

Where the Red Fern Grows Summary

One night, however, his dogs tree a mountain lion. They have gotten just enough coons to win. Old Dan is strong, brave, and stubborn. Billy works hard, selling fruit and bait to fishermen, so eventually he has enough money for the dogs.

Billy visits the graves of his dogs and sees a red fern growing between them. Native American legend has it that such a fern can only be planted by an angel. On his way home, he and his two pups sleep in a cave.

Soon enough, they find the dogs, covered with ice. He rescues the stray and takes it home, setting it free as soon as it is able to return home. They bond with each other and with Billy. He just wants his dogs back. Billy goes coon hunting almost every night.

He names them Old Dan and Little Ann. Since it takes two years to do so, his grandfather writes to see if the kennel will honor the ad. Billy is heartbroken, but Little Ann is so sad that she loses her will to live, and dies a few days later.

His family does not have transportation, so he finds his own way to get to the depot and walks through the hills. Rawls braces the theme of dedication with moral characters. In the morning, the hunters find them covered with ice circling the tree.

He picks up his puppies, which are a male and a female. Finally, when the dogs have the coon treed, Billy refuses to kill her. He is also, and there is no kind way to say this, a little dumb. Before it starts, he enters Little Ann into a conformation contest, where she wins the silver cup.

Sometimes, coons try to trick his dogs, and Old Dan gets into trouble.

Where the Red Fern Grows Chapter 4 Summary

The other coon hunters are very kind to Billy. Billy has also won a jackpot of dollars. Both are very loyal to each other and to Billy. Old Dan and Little Ann take two of them down, and chase the third to another tree.

To train Old Dan and Little Ann, Billy traps a raccoon with the help of his grandfather and uses its pelt to teach them to hunt.

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Where the Red Fern Grows is a children's novel by Wilson Rawls about a boy who buys and trains two Redbone Coonhound hunting dogs. Free summary and analysis of the events in Wilson Rawls's Where the Red Fern Grows that won't make you snore. We promise. Where the Red Fern Grows Questions and Answers.

Where the Red Fern Grows

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Where the red fern grows analysis
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